BELAZ will always Support its Workers

5 february 2020


“Working for BELAZ – Serving the Country” - the project implemented by BELAZ PR department over a year.

The key concept of such a corporate project is to visit the places where BELAZ employees serve in the army for a regular term and find out about their military life.

This time BELAZ team visited the 85th signal brigade and found out about everyday army life of Vadim Mikhan, software engineer at BELAZ Scientific and Technical Center.

A young BELAZ worker was called up for military service last autumn. Now this serviceman is a driver and electronic engineer. This job requires a lot of responsibility since the main task of this military division is to lay communication lines.

The colonel commandant as well as Vadim Mihan acquainted the guests with the military everyday life. Elena Konon, head of PR department, and Yekaterina Guseva, PR employee responsible for the youth, came to the soldier with a special diploma for the participation in the contests “Youth Potential – Innovative Development of BELAZ-2019” for the project in the category “Social and Economic Development”. His colleagues sent him a letter and sweets.

The work with the youth at BELAZ is under the control of the management of the factory. The main goal is to inspire the youth to be active, goal oriented and use creative potential and become more and more skilled professionals.