Following the up-dated trends

18 february 2020


The year of 2020 is the final stage of execution of Social-Economic Development Program of the Republic of Belarus for 2016–2020 (hereinafter referred to as the Program). Within these four years BELAZ was increasing the production volumes and expanding the equipment model range, developing and strengthening new markets.

In accordance with this Program the rate of growth of production of industrial products shall make up 110–115 %. According to the results of work in 2016-2019 at holding "BELAZ-HOLDING" the production growth rate was 240.9 % against the year of 2015.

Investments in future

The work of OJSC “BELAZ” is a multistage and balanced process. One of the important directions is the implementation of large investment projects, as the investments in production development involve not only the introduction of advanced technologies, but also improvement in the products quality, creation of new jobs and export growth.

In 2019, OJSC BELAZ completed a large-scale investment project "Creation of facilities, increase in production and sales volumes of mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 90-450 tons". During its implementation, 279 million dollars were spent, a new block of production shops with an area of 25.3 thousand square meters was built, and 562 units of high-performance technological equipment were purchased. 175 new jobs were created, out of which 98 are high-efficiency jobs.

Within this project, BELAZ has launched the newest, in respect of the level of applied technologies and robotization, complex of preparation and painting of parts and units for heavy-duty BELAZ mining equipment. It is equipped with modern technological equipment to ensure high quality surface preparation, priming and finishing. More than $15 million has been invested in the construction of BELAZ painting complex.

At Crane Plant in Slutsk, as a part of holding “BELAZ-HOLDING”, it was opened the production of bridge type cranes with lifting capacity up to 240 tons which is a unique for Belarus.

On the whole, about 15 million Euros of investment funds were allocated to modernize the enterprise producing lifting and transporting equipment and to build a new production facility, and production space at OJSC “Crane Plant” was increased to 30.38 thousand square meters.

In 2019 the Mogilev Railway Car Building Plant launched a new investment project to organize the production of railway rolling stock. From the beginning of the project the volume of investments in fixed assets amounted to 4,966 thousand rubles. The source of financing is the enterprise's own funds.

The implementation of the project will allow expanding the range of products and reaching the production of 4,000 cars per year from 2023.

«Kuzlitmash» continues the implementation of the investment project for production of basic units for electric machines. The project implementation period is 2018-2020. The total cost amounts to 4 680 thousand rubles. рублей.

This investment project assumes the manufacture and promotion of electric machines units which are the basic elements for BELAZ traction electric motors and for gas turbine generators. Since the beginning 2,679,2 RUB were invested in fixed assets, including 2,662,4 RUB in 2019.

A new dairy farm (MTF) for 774 heads of cattle was put into operation in SPK "Pervomaysky" the branch of OJSC "BELAZ" - Management Company of Holding "BELAZ-HOLDING". The applied modern technologies will ensure high productivity, milk quality and safety of the livestock. The volume of investments directed to the construction of this agricultural facility is 7.9 million RUB.

In 2020, OJSC “BELAZ” and the enterprises of “BELAZ-HOLDING” will continue to work for maximum use of all available resources and continuous improvement of its main areas of activity. This is the contribution of BELAZ to the confident Social-and-Economic Development of the Republic of Belarus.