August 21, 2014

On August 21 BELAZ-75710 mining dump truck was solemnly put into operation at Chernigovets mine of Holding Company “Siberian Business Union (Kemerovo region, Russia).  

This event was confined to the Miner Day. Among the participants of the event were the governor of Kemerovo region Mr. Aman Tooleev, the delegation of OJSC “BELAZ – Management Company of Holding “BELAZ-HOLDING headed by general director Mr. Petr Parkhomchik, the managers of Kuzbass mining companies, numerous journalists.



BELAZ-75710 mining dump truck with payload capacity of 450T with electromechanical transmission is a new prospective development and the first model in equipment class of extra-heavy dump trucks with payload capacity of 450T.  
At designing of this truck OJSC “BELAZ changed the traditional solutions on a dump truck. The main aims at developing BELAZ-75710 were to achieve reliability, minimum overall dimensions, considerable increase in dump truck productivity as well as compliance with international and European safety standards.  

The uniqueness of BELAZ-75710 mining dump truck is provided by new advanced engineering solutions regarding a range of units and assemblies:
     -  maximum payload capacity due to usage of eight tires,
- high maneuverability due to application of two rotary axes and original turning cinematics (turning radius is 19,8 m, for comparison, the turning radius of 360T dump truck is 17,2 m),
- stability is due to know-how in suspension system (usage of stabilizing stands of transverse stability),
-  high cross-road capacity due to full drive on all wheels,
- dynamic unloading due to the most powerful hydraulic drive of body hoist,
- economical efficiency due to well-selected operation algorithm of two-diesel motor set. Total capacity of power modules makes up 3430 кW or 4600 HP,
- high productivity, reliability and safety of operation due to application of “smart AC electromechanical transmission with electrical differential and  anti-skid system.

Overall dimentions:
- length  20,6 m;
- width 9,87 m;
- height incl. canopy – 8,16 m, which is approximately equal to the second floor of a residential building;  
- height with lifted body is more than 19 m which is equal to a 5-floor building;  
- loading height along body side walls is 6,47 m (for comparison – this value for 360T dump truck is 6,75 m).
- body capacity: stuck – 157,5 m3, heaped – 269,5 m3.

Total capacity of fuel tanks is – 5600 l. Hydraulic tank capacity is 1800 l. The volume of fuel tank is designed for 16-20 hours of operation in mine. Fuel consumption at full power of two power units makes up 584,1 l per 1 hour of operation.

Maximum transmission voltage is 2000V, maximum power in traction mode is 3,1MW, in braking mode – 4,7 MW.

BELAZ-75710 can climb long longitudinal slopes of 12% (short slopes up to 18%).  The maximum speed of the dump truck can reach 64 km/h.
Operating weight of the dump truck makes up 360 tons, full weight when loaded is 810 tons.

The standard configuration of BELAZ-75710 mining dump truck includes:
- automatically controlled fire fighting system;
- starting preheater;
- centralized lubrication system;
- AC;
- load and fuel level control system;
- telemetric tire pressure control system;
- video-viewing system;
-  principle units diagnostic system;
- high voltage proximity warning device;
- centralized filling center for technical fluids.

Upon request BELAZ-75710 mining dump truck can be equipped with:
- wear resistant lining of body bottom;
- Wiggins fast fuelling system.


OJSC “BELAZ constantly works on design improvement of the vehicles to be manufactured in order to create new more efficient models of mining equipment of a high engineering level.

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