BELAZ-75710 has already transported 4,6 million tons

Januаry 13, 2016

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The results of BELAZ-75710 operation, the first in the world mining dump truck with payload capacity of 450t, are daily checked at OJSC “BELAZ. Nowadays BELAZ-75710 is operated in “Chernigovets mine" (Russian Federation). Since December 2014 the dump truck has been transporting overburden and has been operating 24 hours a day.  As of the end of December 2015, BELAZ-75710 has transported 4,6 million tons of rock mass which can be compared to the weight of 1115 railway rolling stocks. The run of the dump truck makes up 60 thousand kilometers which is equal to the length of 1,5 earth meridian.

BELAZ-75710 while loading in “Chernigovets mine (Russia)

Mining dump truck BELAZ-75710 is the first truck in new class of super heavy payload capacity dump trucks – more than 450t.
Due to the innovative technical decisions OJSC “BELAZ" has designed and produced the mining dump truck of the biggest payload capacity. For the first time BELAZ mining dump truck has been registered in the Guinness World Records Book  in the category “The biggest two-axial dump truck" and “The biggest body with capacity of 645,4 m3."
While the construction of the dump truck BELAZ-75710 the designers decided not to to apply the classic scheme of the mining dump trucks projecting. The specialists decided to take as basis the achievement of reliability, compactness, considerable increase in productivity as well as conformance to the International and European safety standards.


Mining dump truck BELAZ-75710 with payload capacity of 450 t

New progressive technical decisions that secure the uniqueness of the dump truck BELAZ-75710:
- the biggest payload capacity and high cross-country capability due to the application of 8 tires and all-wheel-drive;
 - high maneuverability due to two pivoted axles and genuine turn kinematics;
- high stability of the dump truck due to the installation of the stabilizer link which is the know-how in the suspension system;
-  economical fuel consumption due to the optimal algorithm of two-diesel motor set operation. Total capacity of power modules makes up 4600 h.p.
- high efficiency, reliability and operation safety - due to the AC electromechanical transmission  with electric differentials and anti-skid system.

This giant can overcome short-run road longitudinal slopes up to 18%. Its maximum speed is 64 km/h. Rated capacity of new mining dump truck is by 25% more than rated capacity of current mining dump trucks of the biggest payload capacity.

Nowadays the products of OJSC "BELAZ" are the result of the work of the whole enterprise and BELAZ is not only a reliable design and technology but first of all people – engineers and workers who create such unique equipment with regards to the modern requirements and customers’ needs.

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